12 of the Cutest Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

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12 of the Cutest Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

The countdown to Halloween is on—does your furry friend have his costume ready yet? Whether you’re going the DIY route this year or opting for a simple store-bought outfit, nothing is cuter than a canine in costume. 

But before we get to our list of adorable dog costumes, let’s take a look at whether you should get your dog one in the first place.


Should dogs wear Halloween costumes?

Our Instagram feeds may be flooded with precious doggos in full Halloween gear, but we have to ask ourselves: is it ok to dress Fido up in costume? Or is this one holiday practice that should be left to us humans?

According to PetMD, it depends on the pet. Some dogs will happily parade around town in a pumpkin costume, while others will find the whole thing intolerable. You know your pet better than anyone else, so if costumes are part of your Halloween plans this year, it’s important to consider the following:

Watch for signs of distress

When you know what to look for, spotting a stressed out dog is easy. Monitor your dog for signs that he’s not loving being in costume:

  • Lowered tail
  • Pinned back ears
  • Attempts to remove the costume
  • Fussing with the costume
  • Anxious running
  • Cowering
  • Excessive scratching

If you suspect your dog is feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable, ditch the costume—no amount of cuteness is worth stressing him out.

Make sure the costume is safe

Some costumes are more dog-friendly than others. Look out for small, loose pieces that could pose a choking hazard to curious canines. Visibility is another important factor: hats or wigs that block your dog’s vision are off the table. And even if it clashes with your picture perfect costume, don’t take Fido Trick-or-Treating without a leash. 

Make sure the costume fits 

Ill-fitting costumes are a recipe for disaster. Don’t put your dog in anything that is too tight or restricts his movements. Equally important is forgoing any costume that is too loose, as the extra fabric can be a tripping hazard.


Spectacular dog Halloween costumes

As long as you heed these safety considerations and your dog isn’t phased by wearing clothing, you should be all clear for a costumed night of fun! Need inspiration? We’ve got you covered with a dozen of the most charming, hilarious, and creative dog costumes we’ve ever seen.


1. Spider

Image by Stacie Joy via Flickr

Eek! This fuzzy arachnid is too adorable to frighten us. Even Miss Muffet agrees.


2. Wind-up Dog

Image via Flickr

OK, this dog is so winning Halloween this year. We’re loving the creativity and thought that went into this costume—just give your special pooch a few cranks, and let the good times begin!


3. Gru and his Minions

Image by Stacie Joy via Flickr

He’s already your little minion, so why not have your pup dress the part? These dog owners get in on the fun with coordinating costumes of their own.


4. Yoga Dog

Image via Flickr

If your furry pal is a fitness fanatic, this yoga getup is just the thing. The matching pink yoga mat is too cute!


5. Chia Pet