13 Pet-Related Nonprofits That Could Use Your Help in 2020

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13 Pet-Related Nonprofits That Could Use Your Help in 2020

If you’re as passionate about protecting innocent, vulnerable animals as we are, check out this comprehensive list of some of the best pet-related charities in the United States. These organizations are making a real difference by raising awareness on animal cruelty and providing homes to abandoned or abused pets. 

If you don’t have the extra funds to make a monetary donation, consider donating your time to one of these organizations. Most of them are volunteer-run and rely on help from generous folks like yourself.


1. Austin Pets Alive

Austin Pets Alive is on a mission to eradicate animal euthanasia, and they’ve been on a roll in that regard—the nonprofit has rescued over 80,000 cats and dogs since its launch in 2008. In fact, Austin Pets Alive had a major hand in establishing the city as a no-kill zone. In February of 2011, Austin became the largest no-kill city in the country!

The secret to their success was addressing the underlying reasons pets are euthanized, while providing resources, education, and programs to end the killing of companion animals.


2. Animal Friends of the Valleys

This West Coast nonprofit is dedicated to ending animal suffering and overpopulation. Their Animal Control Officers regularly investigate potential cases of animal cruelty, rescuing stray, sick, and injured animals. 

Animal Friends of the Valleys espouses a set of core values, including compassion for animals, community service, and ongoing educational programs. They believe it’s our human responsibility to advocate for animals, and their passion for animal welfare is evident in the work that they do.


3. The Underdog Rescue

Image by Timothy Perry via Unsplash

As a pet rehabilitation and placement center, the Underdog Rescue fights on behalf of animals who are often overlooked at shelters. Partnering with the Minneapolis Animal Control team, this rescue group is committed to finding loving, permanent homes for unpopular pets who have a harder time being adopted, like pitbulls and black cats. 

Without a brick-and-mortar facility to keep animals, the organization’s success is due in large part to the generous fosters who house the pets until they find their forever home.


4. House with a Heart

Based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, House with a Heart caters to senior dogs and cats who have little hope of being adopted. This animal sanctuary gives dogs a loving home for life, providing the affection, attention, and shelter they so desperately need. Many of them also receive medical care and diagnostic screenings, so they can live out the rest of their days in comfort. Volunteers maintain the premises, as well walk, bathe, and care for the residents.


5. Hope For Paws

When Eldad and Audrey Hager kicked off their LA-based animal rescue in 2008, their mission was clear: to put an end to animal neglect, abuse, and homelessness. Their team strives to realize this vision by rescuing strays, providing them with veterinary care, and bringing them to partner adoption centers. 

Hope for Paws takes advantage of social media to raise awareness for their cause and to educate the public on the role that companion animals play in our society. Their YouTube channel where they document rescues has been wildly successful, reaching over 4 million viewers! (Give it watch: it’s going to pull on your heartstrings, we guarantee it.)


6. Animal Welfare Institute

Image by Madeline Bowen via Unsplash

The Animal Welfare Institute has been advocating for animal rights since the 1950s. When the organization was first established, their main focus was to abolish the cruel treatment of animals in research facilities. They have since broadened their scope, engaging policymakers, scientists, and the general public in an array of issues, from the preservation of endangered species to implementing more humane slaughter of animals raised for food.


7. Kansas City Pet Project

The goal of this no-kill shelter is to create a safer community for pets and people alike. Working in tandem with fellow animal welfare organizations, the Kansas City Pet Project cares for over 10,000 animals every year. Since 2012, the rescue has been promoting pet adoption and offering financial support for pet owners experiencing financial hardship.


8. Best Friends Animal Society

As the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary, the Best Friends Animal Society is leading the way in our country’s fight for animal rights. The group works tirelessly on adoption events, education campaigns, and fundraisers, with the end goal of achieving no-kill status nationwide by 2025. With locations in LA, NYC, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta, Best Friends Animal Society is steadily spreading their mission, one city at a time.


9. Aunt Mary’s Doghouse

This volunteer-run nonprofit is making a huge difference in the lives of abandoned and homeless dogs. Because the organization does not have a physical shelter to house animals, it relies on the generosity of volunteers to foster pets until they can be placed in a forever home. 

What makes Aunt Mary’s Doghouse so remarkable is their recognition of the underlying causes of pet homelessness. Their solution: education. Aunt Mary’s advocates for spay and neuter procedures to combat overpopulation, and they’re vocal about pet-related issues like puppy mills.


10. Dogs Deserve Better

Crusaders in the fight to free chained or penned-up pups, Dogs Deserve Better is working hard to end animal suffering. They strive to provide a better life for abused and neglected dogs through educational programs, advocating for humane legislation, and the promotion of spay and neuter programs.


11. National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

Image by Ilona Krijgsman via Pixabay

The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation gives rescue pups a new purpose in life by pairing them with firefighters and first responders. The organization recruits bold, high energy dogs who demonstrate an aptitude for search and rescue duties, but would be unsuitable as a family pet. Trained to search and rescue people buried in the wreckage of a natural disaster, the dogs are given lifetime care. 


12. Face Foundation

FACE Foundation believes that access to medical care should be extended to all animals. The program recognizes the financial burden that veterinary care can mean for many pet owners, so they’ve made it their mission to support those at risk of losing their beloved pet. Based in San Diego, they provide financial assistance to low-income families, seniors, veterans, disabled individuals, and anyone struggling to make ends meet.


13. Homeward Pet Adoption Center

As one of the leading nonprofit no-kill shelters in Washington State, Homeward Pet Adoption Center is dedicated to creating a more humane world for animals. They offer medical care, positive behavior training, and facilitate successful adoptions of both cats and dogs.  

Are there any pet-related charities that are special to you? Share with our readers to spread the word!

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