Nothing says “I’m a dog lover” quite like a canine-inspired tattoo. It’s one of the boldest ways you can showcase your affection for man’s best friend. Plus, they look super rad. 

Here at Grumble Dog, we’ve rounded up the top dog tattoos we could find. Some of these tats are realistic, some are more abstract. Some use striking colors, others are done in classic black ink. Whatever your personal aesthetic, there’s something here to suit all tastes. 

Prepare to be inspired.


1. Keep it simple

No need to showcase your dog’s exact likeness in a tattoo. This clever dachshund tat is minimalism at its finest.


2. Watercolor paws for the win

Sure, you could go with a standard black paw print to show off your dog lover status. But why do “standard” when you could do “spectacular?” This dreamy watercolor tattoo definitely hits all the right notes.


3. A stunning work of art

Artist Charlotte Ross from Scotland’s tattoo studio, FLOCK, plays up the gorgeous backdrop in this colorful masterpiece.


4. Keep it classic

This 2-dimensional canine profile is a study in simplicity, and we’re totally digging it. 


5. Play with shapes

This playful geometric dachshund is proof that “simple” doesn’t have to be boring.


6. I’ll high five to that

This playful geometric dachshund is proof that “simple” doesn’t have to be boring.A perfect depiction of the human-canine bond.


7. Dalmatian nation

Because who doesn’t love a sweetly illustrated doggo?


8. Un unlikely duo

As a lifelong cat AND dog lover, this one just speaks to me.


9. Think outside the box

With its nod to Henna art, this stylized dog tattoo is next level creative.


10. Embrace your colorful side

The use of drippy watercolors in this dynamic dog tattoo is sure to turn heads. We can’t get enough of it, TBH.


11. A precious portrait

Darling Scottish Terrier tattoo? Yes please!


12. Have a sense of humor

No one ever said tattoos need to be serious. And this pant-wearing, sweater vest-clad pupper wholeheartedly agrees.


13. Icy hues

Adorable dog? Check. Smart use of color? Check. Flawless technique? Check and check!


14. See things from a different angle

This tattoo gets up close and personal. And we’re ok with it.


15. A striking likeness

A good artist will be able to capture your dog’s unique personality. It’s fair to say this one nailed it

Getting inked with your dog’s name or picture is the ultimate way to celebrate your furry best friend. Do you have a favorite dog tattoo from our list? Or do you have a special dog tattoo of your own to share? We’d love to see them!