Dog Grooming 101: From Nails to Hair, Get Your Pup Cleaned Up

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Grooming your dog is a vital part of being a good dog owner. And while dogs vary in their grooming needs, every dog can benefit from regular upkeep. Proper dog grooming helps keep rogue dog hairs under control, prevents tangles, maintains your dog’s glossy coat, minimizes offending pet odors, and helps strengthen the bond you share with your dog.

With a little preparation and a fair amount of patience, you can get your dog looking (and smelling) his best. Here’s the low-down on how to groom your dog—the right way.

Five signs that your dog needs grooming

Unsure if your pooch needs a little primping? Look for these 5 telltale signs.

Grumble Dog Grooming 101

Image by Jakob Strauß from Pixabay

1. His fur is matting

Some dogs are more prone to mats than others, particularly long-haired dogs and heavy shedders. These unsightly tangles aren’t just a cosmetic issue, though. Mats can trap dirt and debris, which hurts your dog’s skin while introducing diseases. As Preventative Vet points out, heavily matted fur can also throw your dog’s temperature off-kilter. The best way to avoid mats? You guessed it: regular brushing.

2. His coat is dull, dry, or itchy

When you neglect your dog-brushing duties, dead skin can build up, which makes poor Fido itchy and miserable. Plus, his coat will lose its lustrous sheen, becoming dull and discolored. Brushing regularly helps to distribute the natural oils produced by your dog’s skin, keeping his coat healthy and shiny.