11 Cold Weather Safety Tips to Protect Your Dog this Winter

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For pet owners who live in colder climates, winter can present some serious challenges. From blinding whiteouts to perilous ice patches, your dog has a lot to contend with when braving the elements at this time of year.

Your dog is counting on you to keep her safe, so it’s important to ask yourself—are you doing everything you can to keep your dog healthy and happy this winter?

We’ve rounded up some cold weather safety tips to help you answer that question. Take a gander and see which practices you’ve already adopted, and which ones you need to work on.


The “DO’S” of Cold Weather Dog Safety

Cold weather safety tips for dogs

1. DO humidify your home

You’re not the only one afflicted with alligator skin in the winter—as the humidity outside plummets and we steadily crank up our furnaces, your dog may also experience dry and itchy skin. To keep him (and yourself!) comfortable, The ASPCA suggests running a humidifier in your home during the dryer months.

Another way to combat flaky, chapped skin is to serve your dog supplements or treats rich in fatty acids. This option provides a natural way to alleviate your dog’s dry skin while maintaining the health of his coat. Talk to your vet about ways to introduce these fats into your dog’s diet.

2. DO protect your dog’s feet