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S Sherri Dixon
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We lost our beloved fur-baby and the staff at BluePearl was amazing. Our fur-baby was my daughter's emotional support and she was very emotional upon his death. The staff was very attentive to not only our fur-baby but my daughter as well. James, Shane, Rachel, Lizzie and the rest of the technicians was very empathetic, gave us good resources, showed how much they cared and took care of our baby. Thank you so much BluePearl staff you meant the world to us when we need you.
S Sabrina Staffieri
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Had to rush my cat in after being accidentally ran over by a car. The staff were so compassionate, they explained everything well, but due to the fact that he is an older cat and he probably wouldn't survive surgery, they let me say goodbye and be with him while euthanasia. Thank you Blue Pearl for taking care of my fur baby, making him comfortable surrounded by the family he knows and loves.