Crafty Canine Club

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13640 Agsten Lane, Poway, CA

(858) 648-8351

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c calipeterwirth
Beautiful play area, a dog’s
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In 2019 we got our first puppy, a happy go lucky and full of energy corgi. Also in 2019 we had a 17 day vacation planned, and needed somewhere for her to stay. After seeing Crafty Canine’s huge outdoor turf play area, I had a feeling this would be the perfect place for our corgi. Being a 6 month old puppy at the time, getting to socialize and play with other dogs in a wide open area for 4+ hours a day was the best thing that could have happened to her. During our vacation Don sent us lots of pictures and videos which was reassuring to know that she was having loads of fun (she would stay there forever if she could). Just as amazing was noticing just how much her obedience had improved when we picked her up! I could tell that Don was truly a kind leader to my dog, helping her understand that listening to a human and being obedient is actually fun. Of course being a puppy meant that she still tried to test my boundaries with her when we were home, but Don was really helpful in explaining how to build the leadership relationship with her. Without a doubt Don and Crafty Canine Club are among the best boarding/training facilities for dogs in the San Diego area, and will be the only place I ever let my corgi stay!
d dpresiados
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It has been very difficult finding someone we trust in taking care of our very smart but crazy dog, Kai, while we’re out of town. Though my husband and I love to travel, we always dread being away from our furry child especially after a couple bad experiences. Traveling had not been the same since! Even though Kai is very friendly, he can be difficult to manage. That being said, we even opted to wait a few months for our honeymoon to find someone really trustworthy to care for Kai. Our patience paid off when we finally found Crafty Canine Club! Don is very knowledgeable and Kai really seems to listen to him. He sent us frequent updates, photos, and videos of Kai while we were gone. It really made our trip worry-free knowing that Kai was in great hands. After Kai’s stay at Crafty Canine Club, he has been noticeably better at listening and following commands. Not only did Don take great care of him, but he also trained him well after telling him of our struggle with Kai’s toy aggression at the park. We’ve always thought that Kai was too crazy to be a good canine citizen, but with Don’s expertise and help, it might be possible. We’re definitely planning on taking some training classes with him!
i iskonomist
Dog housing with training -
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Traveling for a week and needed someone to watch over our socially awkward (towards other dogs) rescue dog, Rocco. Ended up bringing him to Crafty Canine Club for boarding and dog training. Thanks to Don, senior dog behaviorist at CCC, Rocco had a great time and walked out with great confidence and a pack of new doggo friends! Our 3-year old dandie dinmont terrier mix rescue dog, Rocco, is wonderful with people but doesn’t do well with other dogs around. He would not stop barking and growling when other dogs come too close. We’ve been wanting to bring him to a dog park or to dog-friendly establishments so he can be socialized with other dogs, but have stopped doing so after a few tries without much success at improving his behavior. We decided we needed to bring him to a dog behaviorist. The trouble is, which trainer do we go to, and when will we ever find the time? We found the solution almost by accident. We needed to be away for a week-long trip and couldn’t find a sitter for Rocco. So we decided to put him up in dog boarding, along with his sister, Sophie. We looked up Crafty Canine Club: it’s relatively new, but have some excellent, if few, reviews. It also interestingly offered dog training while the dog is staying at the club. We decided to give the boarding and training package a try. Adding on the training turned out to be the best thing that happened for Rocco since we rescued him. Don, the trainer, explained to us how he planned to ease Rocco into the pack of dogs currently boarding in the club, as well as the logic of each of the steps in the process. While we were away, Don would send us photos and progress videos, and you can really see how Rocco would change from one day to another. By his fourth day in the club, he was playing confidently with other dogs twice his size. He was a happy pup in his natural habitat. I can’t recommend Crafty Canine Club enough. If in doubt, check out the club and talk to Don. For the very reasonable price you pay, you get amazing care for your pups and they get to have a great time while you work or have fun.