Heidis Legacy Dog Rescue

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3690 W Gandy Blvd, #416, Tampa, FL

(813) 416-1349


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K Kelly Eisenhard
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I have rescued 2 other dogs and this was by far the best experience I have ever had with a rescue and I truly feel like they have the best interest of the animal at heart. Yes, there are some things you have to do like get the animal fixed and if its a dog go through at least a 6 week training course but this is all stuff you should do anyway, they just make sure you do it. No, they do not approve everyone because everyone isn't the right fit for them or their animals. All that being said, that is what I like to see in a rescue....they truly care about the future life of the animal not simply placing it in any home that comes along. We love our Hank and would not be a complete home without him. I cannot say enough good things about this rescue and their true love of the animals, the fosters and the humans they adopt out to! This is a life long relationship for us and for Hank and I would not have it any other way!!! The pictures are his Gotcha day at 7 weeks, at 9 weeks, at 3 months and at 5.5 months :) He started at 11.8 lbs and is now a whopping 65.8 lbs!! We have a big boy on our hands!!!
G Garry Rosseter
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I rescued a young German shepherd last December that Heidi's was able to secure from a high kill shelter. He was malnourished and a bit of a "wild child" when I took him in, but with regular feeding and learning his lessons he has turned into a wonderful young dog. It takes dedication and a lot of work, but he was worth it. The volunteers at Heidi's Legacy have regular jobs beside volunteering their time so communication when be a little slow at times and you have to stay on it - they ARE NOT A PET SHOP with regular hours or a central shelter. Fosters keep the dogs in their homes until fur-ever homes can be found. Be patient. I am fostering one now along with my dog and Lenore always gets back to me with correspondence within a day or two. Rescue sites like this find homes for dogs in need, and you need to be willing to understand that you will not get a dog that is perfect in every way, you will get a dog that needs to learn to be perfect. Love, training, and affection makes them way - and food, they love food.