Orange County Animal Services

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2769 Conroy Rd, Orlando, FL

(407) 836-3111

Shelters / Rescues / Adoptions

User Reviews

T Tiffany Ward
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It’s hard to give enough praise to a place as wonderful as Orange County Animal Services. The work is needed and underfunded—yet from staff to facilities to cleanliness to atmosphere, they do a wonderful job. Thank you for making this world a little less cruel than it would be without you! Not only did we adopt our kitties from them, we also foster cats and kittens for OCAS and see behind the scenes more than most. They are so helpful and make sure we have all of the supplies we need to care for our fosters. The employees and volunteers genuinely care about families, the animals, and the outcomes of each of them. The shelter clinic is amazing with the most kind and helpful staff. All around an excellent place to support by adopting a friendly companion, volunteering, or even donating. Thank you for all you do!
M Michelle Tamir
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They offer the best low cost everything and they have the most wonderful animals too, well that's not exclusively true, everyone has the best. But it is wonderful to have this service when your vet wants to charge you $200 to put down a very sick cat and they would do it for 15. I've adopted many animals from them and I've also had to end a few animals lives with them. A very worthy organization to donate to with time and or money! Bless the hearts of the workers and those of us not willing or able to do it should support them as much as we possibly can.