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k kim stevens
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The Animalife Veterinary Center and Dr. Monk are the best I've been to. The ladies at the front desk are friendly and professional, and always ready to assist. The facility is super clean. But the best is Dr. Monk, who is patient, knowledgeable and so kind to all the animals. We have a Macaw, Graciela and bring her to Dr. Monk for annual checkups, wing clipping and any ailments she may be experiencing. Dr. Monk has been the best and most experienced Vet we have ever been to, is very knowledgeable, and always steers us in the exact right direction in terms of what is best for Graciela. I would definitely recommend Dr. Monk and The Animalife Vet Center!! You will not be disappointed!
C Carla Figueredo
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To say that I had a positive experience is an understatement! :) My ferret had her first vet visit ever and needed vaccines. Dr.Monk was attentive, very personable, and knowledgeable! He was great with her and addressed all of my questions, as I am a new ferret owner. The staff was also very polite! I really like that they stay open late on certain days of the week. Thank you!