How do I add a business?Faq icon

On the website go to the green Add Business button on the top menu of the website homepage. Click the button and it will take you to the next page where it will ask you if you are a customer or a business. Select one and then follow the prompts to add a business.
On the app just go to your profile page where there is an option to add a business. Follow the prompts to add the business.

How do I claim a business page?Faq icon

Make sure you are logged in to the website. Click into your business on the site and click on the blue button that says “Claim”. This will take you to the page where you can enter additional information and or edit content already present. All starred fields are mandatory. If you don’t fill in mandatory fields you won’t be able to claim your business.  Please note, only authorized owners or managers of the business may claim the business.

How do I add a review?Faq icon

On the website click into any business you would like to add a review to and at the bottom of the listing there will be a green button that says Write a Review. Click that button and write away!

On the app click into a business listing and look for the “write review” icon in the top green strip just above the map.

How Do I Add a Lost Dog?Faq icon

On the web make sure you are logged in. On the top menu click on Lost Dogs. On the very top of the lost dog page you will see a blue button that says “Report A Lost Dog”. Click on that button and fill in the fields on the next page.


How do I Create a Gathering?Faq icon

Make sure you are logged into the website. Go to Gatherings on the top menu on the website. On the Gatherings page there is a green button towards the upper right of the screen. Click the “Add Gathering” button, follow the prompts to add your gathering!.

How Do I add My Dog’s Profile?Faq icon

On the website go to your profile page, which you can reach by clicking on your user name in the upper right corner of the top menu and selecting User Dashboard from the dropdown list. From the Profile page, select the Dog Profile tab.  On the right side of the screen click on Add New Dog


How do I edit My Dogs profile?Faq icon

Be sure you are logged in.  On the website go to your profile page, which you can reach by clicking on your user name found in the upper right corner of the top menu and selecting User Dashboard from the drop down.  On the dashboard page click on the Dog Profile tab. From here you can edit all information.


How Do I edit My Profile?Faq icon

When you are logged in click on your user name in the upper right corner of the main menu.  Select User Dashboard from the drop down menu.  That will redirect you to your user profile page where you can edit your information.

How do I add a Blog?Faq icon

Be sure you are logged in.   On the top menu click on your user name on the top right of the menu and select User Dashboard from the dropdown.  Once on your personal profile page scroll down the screen on your user profile and find the table labeled Blog.  From there on the upper right section of the table, you can click on Add Blog.   Click on Add Blog and fill in the information on the next page.

What are the Rules associated with posting a BlogFaq icon

This site is for the Dog Community.  Although we love other animals as well, all content posted on the Grumble Dog Community Blog must be related to dogs and blogs that support, inform or educate our dog community. Examples of topics and categories include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Dog Health, Wellness and Nutrition
  • Dog Businesses (grooming, boarding, training, sitting, walking etc)
  • Dog Events, Outings and Adventures/Activities
  • Dog Travel
  • Dog Shelter/Rescue/Adoption
  • Dog Breeds
  • Dogs in the Home and at Work
  • Other helpful Dog Information

Please note: Specific product recommendation blogs that are connected with affiliate marketing are NOT Permitted to be posted at this time.  In the future Grumble Dog may provide a place for individuals and businesses to post and promote affiliate marketing material but for now that will not be permitted. 

Should you post material that does not pertain to our canine companions, Grumble Dog will have the right to delete your post, and if your abuse of these guidelines continue, we have the right to delete your entire account.  Likewise, this forum is intended to be a helpful and positive resource for the Grumble Dog community.   Abuse of this resource will not be tolerated.   It is at the discretion of Grumble Dog that in our opinion should any blog spew hate or vulgar or abusive language which is not in keeping with the intention of the community blog, we will again have the right to delete any post and or an entire account. 

So blog away Dog lovers, but please be respectful of the community and abide by the rules.  Clicking below means you accept these terms and will adhere to them.

How do I add multiple business locationsFaq icon

Go to your User Dashboard and select the Manage Business tab. 

  • Click Update Info
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select “Add Another Location”
  • All data will prepopulate except for the Address Field where you will input the additional business address
  • If you need to change any other information for that location, you can edit the necessary fields (i.e. Business hours of that particular location)
  • You can either update the Business at that point or continue to add locations by clicking the appropriate buttons on the bottom of the screen.
  • If you continue to add locations, the last location entered will be automatically saved before it allows you to add another location.

When completed just click the Update Business button and all your locations will appear on your business listing.