Cityvet - Capitol Hill


520 West Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO
(720) 262-4340

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November 06 2019

Can I just say how absolutely obsessed I am with City Vet. The Staff is obsessed with dogs, and go above and beyond to take the best care of your pup. When Izzy's leg got hit by the door and I thought she broke it they were able to take her in immediately, it thankfully was not broken after an XRay. They care about your dog as much as you do and it shows. Even the smaller concerns about something, I have called/texted the vet a picture out of curiosity and always get immediate and amazing feedback. It is the opposite of my experience with Ban-field they don't want to nickle and dime you. The pricing is very reasonable. But the care, quality and expertise is over the top! I can't recommend City Vet enough!!