Puppy Play Ground


42-44 Epsom Road
Zetland, NSW
(029) 663-3666

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Our Puppy Pre-School focuses on all the important socialisation and training aspects of your new life with your puppy. Basic obedience, Sound Training, Socialisation Exercises, Leash and Greeting Manners, Games and Tricks…We cover everything! Let us help you raise a balanced and confident adult dog that is a pleasure to take with you everywhere! Our luxury dog boarding hotel in Sydney provides peace-of-mind when choosing to leave your dog in the care of others. We know how hard it is to leave your much loved dog in the care of others, so we promise to treat them like our own dogs. All of our Puppy Playground staff care passionately about dogs and will give your dog all the love and attention they could possible want. Take advantage of our experienced dog groomer and get your dog’s hair on point while having an awesome day at our care! Or book in for just the hair cut! https://www.puppyplaygroundsydney.com.au/

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